Brillouin Zone

BZones - a JAVA applet to visualize Brillouin zones

Brillouin zones are an important concept in solid state physics. They are in reciprocal space of crystalline materials the geometrical equivalent of Wigner-Seitz cells in real space. Not every energy level of the electrons is allowed in a crystal.In k-space they form a band-structure, and duo to symmetry constraints this structure is periodic with the Brillouin zone. So if you want to read your band-structure calculation, you need a representation of the corresponding Brillouin zone with all the high symmetry points.

You need the Java plugin to see the Brillouin zones applet. Get it from Oracle

This Java applet displays the Brillouin zone of the crystal. Please choose your bravais lattice from the drop-down
list and enter the dimensions. Notice that due do the symmetry of your choosen crystall not all options are available.
[Note: With Java 7 Update 50 onwards a new security dialogue is shown, which must be accepted]

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