Excited Electron Bubble

Electron Bubbles


David Mateo made a systematic study on the excited electron-bubble states in superfluid 4Helium using a time-dependent density functional approach. For the evolution of the 1P bubble state, two different functionals accompanied with two different time-development schemes were used, namely an accurate finite-range functional for helium with an adiabatic approximation for electron versus an efficient zero-range functional for helium with a real-time evolution for electron.


With his publication J. Chem. Phys. 134, 044507 (2011) David Mateo made several videos public: (©DMateoECM)

The excited electron bubble relaxation dynamics was computed using a Orsay-Trento density functional with a liquid pressure of 0 (left) and 0.5 bar (right).


IV. Simple Pump model van der Waals interactions between heliophilic and heliophobic dopants

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